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Neuroscience Berlin

Berlin Brain Days

Berlin Brain Days 2013: 20–22 November 2013

Welcome to the international conference for young neuroscientists in Berlin. Bringing together budding talent from all different research angles within neuroscience, this meeting is an excellent opportunity to share your research results, to get open and constructive feedback on your work, to practice big conference participation in a small conference setting and to network across disciplinary and institutional boundaries. A special welcome goes to our colleagues from Göttingen who join us in the organization for the first time this year.


The format of Berlin Brain Days includes:

There will be an opening lecture and five mini symposia, each with a keynote speaker and three thematic Ph.D. talks.


This year’s keynote speakers include Fernando Nottebohm (The Rockefeller University), Robert Edwards (University of California San Francisco), Simon Thorpe (Centre de Recherche Cerveau & Cognition Toulouse), Amanda Sierra (University of the Basque Country), Silvio Rizzoli (University of Göttingen), and Rajiv Ratan (Burke Medical Research Institute).


Note: You do not have to present to attend! This is an open conference, and participants without own contribution (talk or poster) are very welcome!


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